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Who was Aaron Beck?

Dr. Aaron T. Beck, whose kind of pragmatic mind-tracking psychotherapy, the centerpiece of a scientific transformation in the treatment of depression, turned into many related mental disorders, died Monday at his home in Philadelphia. He was 100 years old.

His death was confirmed by Alex Shortall, executive assistant at the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia. Dr. Beck’s daughter, Dr. Judith Beck, is its president.

Dr. Beck was a young psychiatrist trained

Dr. Beck was a young psychiatrist trained in Freudian analysis when, in the late 1950s, he began prompting patients to focus on distortions in their everyday thinking, rather than on conflicts buried in childhood,

Such as Therapists used to do. He found that many people generated what he called “automatic thoughts,” unexamined assumptions such as “I’m just unlucky in love ” or “I’ve always been socially inept,”

Which can laed to self-criticism, despair, and self-criticism. defeating attempts to compensate, such as promiscuity or excessive alcohol consumption.

Dr. Beck found that he could undermine those assumptions by prompting people to test them out in the world, for example, by socializing without alcohol to observe what happens, and by gathering conflicting evidence from his own experience,

Such as memories of healthy relationships. . Practicing these techniques, in therapy sessions and homework exercises, fostered an internal dialogue that gradually improved people’s moods, he showed.

Aaron Beck Age?

  • He was Born: July 18, 1921, Providence, Rhode Island, United States

Aaron Beck Age Family

  • Spouse: Phyllis W. Beck (d. 1950)
    Influenced: Martin Seligman, Judith S. Beck, David D. Burns
    Children: Judith S. Beck
    Parents: Elizabeth Temkin, Harry Beck.

How old was Aaron Beck?

  • Aaron Temkin Beck July 18, 1921
  • Providence, Rhode Island, United States
    Alma mater
    Brown university
    Yale School of Medicine


  • November 1, 2021 (100 years)
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

The influence of C.B.T.

His death was confirmed by Alex Shortall, executive assistant at the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia.Dr. Beck’s daughter, Dr. Judith Beck, is its president.
The influence of C.B.T.

About treating mental disorders is hard to overstate. Researchers have adapted the approach, originally developed for depression, to manage panic attacks, addictions, eating disorders, social anxiety, insomnia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Therapists teach a variation to help parents manage their children’s outbursts at home, and some have used it, in combination with medications, to control the delusions and hallucinations of schizophrenia. Sports psychologists have made use of the principles of performance anxiety.

Dr. Beck, who spent his career at the University of Pennsylvania, sheltered the road.

“One by one, he took each condition in psychiatry and laid out his thinking about how it should be approached, and others in a row,” said David Clark, a professor of psychology at the University of Oxford,

Who designed and helped institute the therapy program. of conversation from England. . “I’m not sure that’s ever been done, that way.”

Steven Hollon, a psychologist at Vanderbilt University, said of Dr. Beck: “He took a hundred years of dogma, discovered that it didn’t hold up, and invented something short, long-lasting, and effective to put in its place. He basically saved the psychotherapy of the sixth. ”

Dr. Beck in 1981. As a psychoanalyst he showed himself to be a loving family man. Smiling softly beneath a rich mop of white hair, dressed in a sparkly bow tie and tailored suit, he delicately engaged patients, undermining their self-defeating beliefs.

Background and personal life

Beck was born in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, and was the youngest of four children of Ukrainian Jewish immigrants. Beck married Phyllis W. Beck in 1950,

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

who was the first judge of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania court of appeals.and whose youngest daughter, Alice Beck Dubow, is also a judge on the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Court of Appeals.

Together they had four children: Roy, Judy, Dan, and Alice. Judith, Beck’s daughter, is a leading cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) educator and clinician, who wrote the basic text in the field.

She is a co-founder of the Beck Institute, a non-profit organization, she turned 100 on July 18, 2021 and died later in the year on November 1 at her home in Philadelphia.


Beck attended Brown University and graduated magna cum laude in 1942. At Brown, he was elected to the Phi Beta Kappa Society, was associate editor of The Brown Daily Herald, and received the Francis Wayland Scholarship,

The William Prize. Gaston for excellence in public speaking and the Philo Sherman Bennett Essay Award. Beck attended Yale School of Medicine and graduated with an MD in 1946.

He began specializing in neurology and reportedly liked the precision of his procedures. However, due to the shortage of psychiatric residents,

He was instructed to do a six-month rotation in that field, and he engaged in psychoanalysis, despite the initial precaution.

Early Publications

After completing his medical internships and residencies from 1946 to 1950, Beck became a fellow in psychiatry at the Austen Riggs Center, a private psychiatric hospital in the Stockbridge Mountains, Massachusetts, until 1952.

At the time it was a psychology center for the ego with an unusual degree of collaboration between psychiatrists and psychologists, including David Rapaport.

Penn Psychiatry

Beck then joined the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) in 1954. The chair of the department was Kenneth Ellmaker Appel, a psychoanalyst who was president of the American Psychiatric Association,

whose efforts to expand the presence and relationship of psychiatry had a great impact. influence on Beck’s career. At the same time, Beck began formal training in psychoanalysis at the Philadelphia Institute of the American Psychoanalytic Association.

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