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A prolific pedophile who posed as a “sugar daddy” stockbroker and forced woman and children to send him s*xually explicit videos of themselves has been described as “one of the worst online s*xual predators” ever seen.

Abdul Elahi, 26, was branded “in a league of his own” at the beginning of his sentencing in Birmingham Crown Court on Wednesday, after admitting 158 charges against 72 whistleblowers. It is believed that he attempted to exploit the victims globally in 34 different countries.

The former McDonald’s worker, from Sparkhill, Birmingham, used false names to target up to 2,000 women and children online, offering them cash to send him photos and videos of themselves.

Abdul Elahi

Abdul Elahi admitted 158 offences ranging from blackmail to making, possessing and distributing indecent images


At the beginning of the sentencing hearing in Birmingham Crown Court on Wednesday, Elahi was said to have juggled many potential victims at any given time, using a fake personality to pose as a wealthy stockbroker offering financial assistance.

The prosecution called him an “exceptionally dangerous predator.”

“The whole personality, the whole arrangement, was a sham from the beginning,” said prosecutor Adrian Langdale QC.

“He just, it seemed, viewed his victims as a way to earn money. The victims were attacked day after day, relentlessly by Mr. Elahi.”

Birmingham Crown Court

Abdul Elahi, 26, will be sentenced later this week at Birmingham Crown Court

Elahi also “acted as a mentor” to other online abusers, the court heard, and “copycat” criminals targeted some of their victims.

The blackmailer targeted victims as a way to earn money

When he began sentencing him in Birmingham Crown Court, Elahi was described as “in a league of his own” in terms of the magnitude of his crimes.

Elahi could be “juggling” many dozen potential victims at any one time, Langdale told the court, as he uses a false personality to pose as a wealthy stockbroker offering financial assistance.

“The whole personality, the whole arrangement, it was a sham from the start,” Langdale said. “He just, apparently, saw his victims as a wat to make money.

“The victims were attacked day after day, relentlessly by Mr. Elahi.”

Elahi treated blackmail as a ‘full-time career’

The prosecutor said Elahi had switched online conversations to WhatsApp to cover her tracks, with 67,000 indecent images of children recovered from numerous devices and cloud storage.

“There is evidence that she carefully structured and recorded all of her material,” she said. “She sold that material with a clear financial motive, regardless of the damage she was causing by spreading this material.”

During the crime, the court heard, Elahi was living in her family’s home and her only legitimate income was working for a short period at a McDonald’s branch.

Elahi intended to target children, then he could film and distribute

Elahi intended to target children, then she could film and distribute to other pedophiles.“There are around 550 women in the UK who have been tracked by the NCA.

“All over the world there are victims in Canada, Australia and a total of 34 different countries. A total of 67,000 indecent images of children have been recovered.She structured all of her material, before exchanging it into abuse boxes.

She provided that material for financial reasons. Her supply level was on a different level. The images were potentially left online indefinitely.She then went on to do a careful laundering of the proceeds of crime.

He used fake people online to encourage women to perform s*xual acts.

Elahi began using the Sugar Daddy websites, introducing herself under a false name and including fake photographs of watches and airplanes.

He “He describes himself as a stockbroker.

“At the time of his offense, he was between 23 and 24 years old, lived in his family’s home and worked at McDonalds, attended college and was a loner.

He “he stayed with his family in front of the Internet. He launched into phishing for young and vulnerable victims.

“He bragged to his victims that he hed models working from him. He targeted single mothers so that he could access their children.

“But Elahi managed to get sloppy and left a clear offensive pattern.”

Along with Elahi, he appeared in the dock, Kirsty Nicholls, 35, who previously pleaded guilty to two counts of s*xual assault on a minor and one count of indecent photo taking.

Following Elahi’s arrest in July 2018, the NCA, FBI, and Australian and New Zealand police officers found phone messages between the couple.

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Quicks and Facts

  • Abdul Elahi, 26, branded ‘one of the worst online s*xual predators ever seen’
  • Paedophile was attending his sentencing hearing at Birmingham Crown Court 
  • Comes after he admitted some 158 charges committed against 72 complainants 
  • Investigators believe he targeted around 2,000 victims across 34 countries 
  • Elahi sold videos to paedophiles around the world and laundered his earnings
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