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Who is Artiom Borisov?

Software developer Artiom Borisov, 40, alleges that he discovered a multi-million pound case of internal fraud while working for the London branch of the Zurich Insurance Group.

IT Project

But after alerting the company’s fraud prevention and investigation unit to his belief that his new IT project was a scam, he claims his allegations were not followed up.

The Software Developer

The software developer alleges that his former employer intimidated him, disconnected him from all IT systems and tried to cover up the fraud, and finally fired him in April 2019.

On his own behalf, Mr Borisov files a claim for unfair dismissal based on protected disclosure against the Swiss company in the Central London Labor Court.


But Zurich says Mr. Borisov was fired for ignoring management orders not to contact insurers about thecontested TI UW 360 project.

Two other alleged disciplinary violations include that Mr. Borisov attempted to undermine the project and requested access to a database that he was not authorized to access.

Judge Emma Burns put forward what Borisov, a Zurich employee for five and a half years, stated: “He says he has reported internally that an IT project is a multi-million dollar fraud.

“You say that instead of an investigation it became a cover-up plan.

“Then he says that he was intimidated, threatened not to contact anyone, charged with absurd crimes and disconnected from all computer systems in Zurich.

“He was fired for serious misconduct.”

Borisov had already been working on another information technology project, Plum Z, which the court said was to be dismantled and replaced by UW 360.

He contacted the underwriters to establish and spoke with Zurich’s internal ethics team to allege that there were possible criminal ramifications with the UW 360 project,but was warned that he was at risk of being fired in February 2019.

“Considered Misconduct.”

Mr. Borisov had been contacted by senior staff and warned that any action he took that undermined the UW 360 project would be “considered misconduct.”

Zurich said an internal investigation that took more than 40 days found no evidence of fraud with the new TI project.

Catherine Casserley, representing Zurich, said: “Her view of her is that Plum Z should be the solution rather than this project.’

Mr Borisov agreed and said: “It is my opinion about what works best and in this case it is Plum Z that works best.

The project is a bunch of lies.

“They don’t show where the added value is. The project is a bunch of lies. ”

Mr. Borisov claims that the UW 360 was an enhancement to just a “single feature” that he could add to the existing Plum Z system himself.

The court heard that Mr. Borisov’s manager, when raised by the plaintiff of his concerns, told him not to overtake Plum Z.

“I realized what he said. It’s just that what he said didn’t make sense.

“I thought my direct superior was not acting in the interests of Zurich.”

IT UW 360 Project

Borisov continued to take steps to advance Plum Z in an effort to prove the new UW 360 was an unnecessary effort.

“I created that functionality to demonstrate that it is possible and works better than what UW 360 was trying to do.”

Borisov also alleges that UW 360 was “a lie and fraud”, as Zurich claims it saved a million dollars (£ 740,000) in savings when in reality there was no savings, he argued.

Borisov said that the operation of the Plum Z system at the time did not cost the company more than his own salary and therefore the new UW 360 could not generate savings in comparison.

Project claims a million Dollars

He added: “The projects claims a million dollars in savings a year and, as an in-depth specialist, I know that is a lie.”

Borisov has made his allegations against the insurance giant in support of his claim for wrongful termination based on protected disclosure.

Ms Casserley told Mr Borisov: “The defendant agrees that you obviously had the right to raise your concerns about the project, but what he does not accept is that you have made legally protected disclosures.”

The Zurich-based financial services company is the largest insurer in Switzerland.

The court continues.

Quicks and Facts

  • Artiom Borisov claims Swiss insurer Zurich complicit in multimillion pound fraud
  • The software developer claimed he was threatened, cut off from work systems and  fired by Zurich over the rollout of a new IT system he said was fraudulent 
  • He has taken his former employer to London tribunal alleging wrongful dismissal
  • Zurich says he was fired for ignoring manager orders about the UW 360 project 

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