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Who was Darcy Hollinson?

A 17-year-old schoolgirl, Darcy Hollinson, who was feeling pressured by extra work, had body image issues and was struggling during lockdown, took her own life by hanging, an investigation has found.

Darcy Hollinson, who lived with her parents and siblings in Tavistock, Devon, struggled to connect with friendship groups and felt left out, the Exeter Coroner’s Court inquest was told today.

The coroner heard that “lockdown took a toll on her because of her isolation”, although she had a “lovely boyfriend”, who said she suffers from panic attacks, has trouble sleeping and also has bulimia.

Darcy, a sixth grader at Plymouth High School for Girls, recently reconnected with a friend and they exchanged messages about relationships, mental health, suicide and the impact on her friends.

She saw a child psychiatrist on the day of her death and “planned for the future” and did not express suicidal thoughts, she told the audience.

The couple discussed relationships and their mental health, as well as suicide and the impact it would have on their boyfriends.

She had also seen a child psychiatrist that day.

The expert said that Darcy

The expert said that Darcy was “planning for the future” and had not expressed any indication that she planned to take her own life.

The court heard that the lockdown had affected the teenager “pretty badly” and that she had had difficulty adjusting to the isolation.

Darcy had also suffered from panic attacks.

An autopsy concluded that she died by hanging. There were no suspicious circumstances.

Chief coroner Philil Spinney said

Chief coroner Philil Spinney said Darcy self-harmed and suffered with her body image and moodiness as she battled a depressive illness.

Offering her condolences to her devastated family, Spinney said the tragedy was “very hard to bear.”

It was heard that Darcy had previously overdosed in January 2018.

She then became involved with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.

However, in October 2019 she was “in a bad mood and not enjoying sixth form”, she told herself.

Darcy had previously overdosed in January 2018.

She engaged with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, but by October 2019 she was in a bad mood and not enjoying sixth grade.

In March 2020 she took a second overdose.

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Quicks and Facts

  • Darcy Hollinson, 17, was affected ‘quite badly’ by lockdown, an inquest heard 
  • Darcy, who lived in Devon, had issues bonding with friendship groups 
  • She saw a child psychiatrist on the day she died, the inquest in Exeter was told 
  • Darcy was tragically found hanged in her bedroom one evening in April last year
  • Anyone seeking help can call Samaritans free on 116 123 or visit 
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