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An Idaho man charged with murder and cannibalism in the death of a 70-year-old man allegedly believed that eating the victim’s flesh would “heal his brain.”

James David Russell, 39, is charged with killing David Flaget in September after tissue belonging to the victim was found inside Russell’s Clark Fork home, the Bonners Ferry Herald reported.

Russell was taken into custody after authorities found Flaget’s body in a vehicle outside the alleged killer’s home on September 10.

Recently released court documents reveal that some of the victim’s remains were missing when his body was found.

Authorities said Russell believed he could “heal himself by cutting up portions of meat” to “heal his brain,” according to court documents.

Officers went to Flaget’s truck, where they found the body naked from the waist down uncomfortably placed in the passenger seat. In a probable cause affidavit, officers noted that duct tape tied Flaget’s wrists and that a section of his thigh and genitals was severed and missing. The parts were apparently removed after death.

The next day, investigators served a search warrant at Russell’s home. Inside, detectives found tissue that matched Flaget’s missing meat. The researchers also found blood and tissue in a container inside the microwave. Some of the fabric indicated that heat had been applied, possibly in the microwave for a minute or two, according to court documents.

David Flaget

During the investigation

During the investigation, police allegedly seized a blood-soaked microwave, a glass bowl and a knife from Russell’s home.

There was evidence that a cleanup kit was used to dispose of the remains and evidence, authorities said.

Investigators were unable to locate one of Flaget’s testicles, his penis, and a portion of his thigh that was removed from his body. Investigators wrote in the probable cause affidavit that they believe Russell ate the missing parts of her body.

Witnesses report that on the day of Flaget’s murder, Russell acted agitated and had recently had mental health problems. According to court documents, while in a California hospital receiving psychiatric help in May, Russell allegedly told his family that he wanted to “cut pieces of skin with a knife” to “heal his brain,” according to documents. judicial

Once in custody, Russell appeared not to understand his rights and made an unsolicited comment about private property, saying “we don’t like that they are not family members,” according to court documents.

Russell has been in custody since September and was held at he Idaho Department of Health and Welfare at one point when he was in no condition to help defend him. The details of his engagement remain sealed.

A hearing to review the status of the case is scheduled for December 28.

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