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A photo of an official gagged and tied to a chair was not taken when she said yes, a digital expert told a court.

DeAnn Fitzpatrick, who worked for Marine Scotland, was photographed glued to a chair in a photo that went viral in 2018 at the peak of the MeToo movement.

The photograph sparked a national outcry aand an investigation by the Scottish government body until questions about its legitimacy were raised.

A digital forensic expert now claims that the image was taken in August 2009, not December 2010, as Ms Fitzpatrick had said.

Ms Fitzpatrick claimed that she was subjected to the ordeal because she was a whistleblower of misogyny and abuse at the organization’s office in Scrabster, Caithness in 2010.

However, her bosses later fired her on the grounds that she lied about the timing and nature of the incident.

It is now claimed by a digital forensic expert that the image of DeAnn Fitzpatrick tied to a chair (pictured) was taken in August 2009, not December 2010

But I want to defend myself and all the other human beings who have ever spat, who have been called disgusting, have been told the *uck off, have been hit on the head, have had their glasses removed from the expensive, racially abused, mocked for having a miscarriage, taken advantage of when their mental health is suffering and physically assaulted when they speak in their workplace. ‘

Tight restrictions have been placed on the evidence that Ms Fitzpatrick

Tight restrictions have been placed on the evidence that Ms Fitzpatrick, who is originally from Canada, can submit in support of her wrongful termination and breach of contract claim, and the government legal team opposes the filing of a number of key documents, including a damning journal. her union representative ordered him to stay with her after expressing her concern about the harassment at work.

Her entries list examples oh how she is frequently called a ‘damn Canadian bitch’, a ‘damn foreign Canadian bitch’ and sarcastic comments after a miscarriage and the time she was off work as a result.

The digital expert, Mr Borwick, traveled to a Marine Scotland office in Campbeltown, Argyll and Bute, to access the original photograph on the government body’s server.

He said: ‘At the end of my review and research, I examined an image, DF.jpeg, that was stored on the SCOTS server and that image had a creation date of 2009, a last modified date of 2009, and the The date embedded in it said exactly the same thing: 2009.

“So I’m sure it hasn’t been modified or tampered with in any way.”

Mr. Gibson told the witness: “If Ms. Fitzpatrick is to be believed, this file was taken about 16 months later.”

The witness said: “If, as Ms. Fitzpatrick maintains, this photo was taken in 2010, then the creation date would read December 2010.”

Mr. Borwick explained that if someone had changed the creation date of the image, something that is not easy to do, there would be “markers all over the place” in the data in the file to indicate the change.

On questioning, Ms Fitzpatrick told the witness: ‘In your summary, you said that you were provided with a copy of the DF.Jpg file and asked to verify when it was created.

Senior official David Wallace also spoke at the trial

Senior official David Wallace also spoke at the trial, he had made the decision to fire Ms. Fitzpatrick.

She asked him, “Do you think I don’t mind being taped over my mouth for fun?”

He replied: ‘Nothing about that behavior felt like acceptable behavior in an office setting, but I think the circumstances were not as detailed by you as was the case in 2010 as a result of the whistleblower.

“It happened in 2009 under different circumstances.”

Public official fired by Scottish government for chiefs who Ms. Fitzpatrick also asked, ‘Why would I intentionally lie about something that happened to me?’

Wallace replied: ‘I guess building a story that says the photo was taken in 2010 instead of 2009 was beneficial to you in some way and therefore that’s why you initially said the photo was taken in 2010 .

“I suppose that was the motivation for doing it, but beyond that, I’m not sure I can comment.”

The court, before Labor Judge Alexander Kemp, continues.

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  • DeAnn Fitzpatrick photographed taped to chair in photo which went viral in 2018
  • Photo prompted outcry and investigation by Scottish Government body 
  • Bosses dismissed her on grounds she lied about timing and nature of incident 
  • She is pursuing employment tribunal after she says she was dismissed unfairly 
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