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Emma Tustin was convicted of murdering Thomas Hughes’s son, who suffered ‘unsurvivable brain injury’

A stepmother who was found guilty today of killing a six-year-old boy after poisoning him with salt, beating him and starving him, has complained to prison bosses after being allegedly assaulted by inmates who have ‘thrown salt at him. ‘.

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes

Emma Tustin, 32, killed Arthur Labinjo-Hughes by repeatedly banging his head against a hard surface after she and Thomas Hughes, 29, starved his son to death and poisoned him with salt. After killing Arthur, Tustin immediately went to get her cell phone to take a picture of him as she lay dying in the hallway.

Tustin was convicted today of murdering Arthur on June 17, 2020, during the Covid lockdown. Hughes was also found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, but acquitted of murder, for encouraging the murder, including sending Tustin a text message 18 hours before the fatal assault telling him that she was “finishing him off.”

A father and stepmother killed their six-year-old son in a “campaign of appalling cruelty” two months after social workers found no evidence of safeguarding concerns


An investigation has been launched into the actions of the authorities after Arthur Labinjo-Hughes was deprived of food, force-fed him with salt and assaulted him in abuses that were filmed and photographed by his stepmother and his father.

Disturbing video footage shows the moment when he struggled to lift a lightweight duvet and struggled to stand just hours before he died.

Hughes, of Solihull, was charged with encouraging the murder, including texting Tustin 18 hours before the fatal assault saying “finish him off.”

Prosecutors claimed that the couple carried out a “cruelty campaign” amounting to “torture” against Arthur, in which they force-fed him salt foods, isolated him at home, starved him, dehydrated him and they beat him routinely.

Social workers found a “faint” yellow bruise, which Tustin and Hughes got as a result of a fight with another boy. They eventually agreed with the couple’s claim that theirs was a “happy family” with no cause for concern.

A week later, Arthur’s grandmother sent pictures of deep purple bruises that had been taken the day before the social workers’ visit.

The Solihull Local Child Protection Association said

The Solihull Local Child Protection Association said it was now conducting an independent review of the “terrible tragedy” of Arthur’s death, including contacting social services.

Although social workers contacted Hughes after the photos were received, authorities stopped engaging with the family. Arthur’s paternal grandmother had made two referrals at the same time; one to the West Midlands police and one to social services, the last related to “unexplained” bruises on Arthur’s back.

The court heard that Tustin carried out the fatal assault while in Arthur’s sole care, taking a photograph of the boy with his mobile phone as he was dying in the hallway and then sending the image to Hughes.

His dad and step mum have been standing trial at Coventry Crown Court for murder and multiple child cruelty charges

But she claimed that Arthur’s fatal head injury must have been self-inflicted, possibly caused by him throwing himself down the stairs in his hallway, and describing how he heard a “pop” and a “crack”.

During her testimony, she said that just because medical experts had concluded that Arthur’s death was caused by head trauma “inflicted by an adult”, that “does not make it true.”

Tragic Boy’s mother described her son as “the light of my life” in a moving statement.

Olivia Labinjo-Halcrow, 27, said the abuse she suffered was “heartbreaking and incomparable.”

The jailed mother

The jailed mother, who is serving an 11-year prison sentence for killing her boyfriend in 2019, called her son “my best friend.”

In a statement from her from her prison cell, she described him as a “beautiful child whom she knew and loved deeply.”

Emma Tustin, 32, of Cranmore Road in Shirley, Solihull, West Midlands, who denies murder

The day before the boy’s death, his father texted him about paying someone to ‘dig Arthur’s grave.’

Tustin was equally vile, the court was told.

In one message she said ‘damn to throw this little liar bastard’ and in another she warned that she ‘was going to put her chin on this little bastard’.

The boy would still be alive if the Covid-19 lockdown had not occurred, detectives believe.

Arthur was living with his paternal grandparents, who “loved and appreciated him” when the pandemic struck.

West Midlands Police Det Insp Laura Harrison said “it was the worst decision that could have been made.”

“If only Hughes had left Arthur with his grandparents who adored, loved and appreciated him,” she told the Mirror.

Quicks and Facts

  • Emma Tustin, 32, was today convicted of murdering Arthur Labinjo-Hughes
  • It has been revealed she has already been attacked by inmates while on remand
  • A source told the court inmates at HMP Peterborough had ‘thrown salt’ at her 
  • It has also emerged Tustin’s trial was halted for days after she took an overdose
  • Emma Tustin and Thomas Hughes poisoned Arthur with salt and tortured him
  • Arthur’s father Hughes, 29, was convicted of manslaughter – cleared of murder

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