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Emmerdale's Matthew

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Who is Emmerdale’s Matthew ?

Matthew Wolfenden is an English actor best known for his role as David Metcalfe on the British soap opera Emmerdale.

Emmerdale’s Matthew Age

  • He is Born: May 5, 1980 (age 41), Norwood Green, Halifax, UK

Emmerdale’s Matthew Family

  • Spouse: Charley Webb (d. 2018)
    Children: Buster Wolfenden, Bowie Gray Wolfenden
    Brothers: David Wolfenden

Emmerdale’s Matthew Wolfenden and his co-star

Emmerdale’s Matthew Wolfenden and his co-star Isabel Hodgins will not return to screens until 2022 after their row on set, according to reports. Neither has been seen on screen since October 28.

Despite the fact that both actors have returned to the Harewood set, filming for the soap opera takes place six weeks before air time, meaning that neither will appear in the Christmas stories, which is said to be ‘a disappointment to bosses and screenwriters’.

The couple, who play David Metcalfe and Victoria Sugden, have not appeared on the soap opera since October 28 following a fight on set between the cast members in which they were involved.


The actors have been absent from the set while the bosses investigated the incident, although now both have returned to filming.

Her unexpected absence was explained on screen Thursday, when it was revealed that her characters had traveled to Portugal to visit Diane Sugden in her new home.

The source said

The source said: “It is highly unlikely that Matthew and Isabel will be back on screen before Christmas.“They just got back on set, and since Emmerdale is filming six weeks in advance, that puts his comeback date in January.

“It was a disappointment for the bosses and writers, who were planning to make it a big part of the Emmerdale Christmas stories next month.

“But, of course, they understood that proper inquiries were necessary.”

After the row, an Emmerdale spokeswoman said: “While we would never comment on individual cases, Emmerdale has strong policies in place to deal with allegations brought to our attention and take appropriate action.

“None of the actors have been suspended from Emmerdale.”

The source also noted that “none of the actors have been suspended” from filming.

Her absence was addressed in Emmerdale this week when her characters are said to have traveled to Portugal to visit the new home of the character Diane Sugden.It is said that Matthew and Isabel got into a fight while filming a soap opera scene that involved a dramatic stunt.

A source told The Sun: ‘He left many of those present at the filming feeling uncomfortable. It was a very heated situation.

Old Actress

The 41-year-old Matthew, who plays David Metcalfe on the soap opera, and the 27-year-old actress, who plays his on-screen girlfriend Victoria Sugden, reportedly clashed while filming new scenes with Aaron Anthony, while the cast filmed dramas. waterfall scenes in Stockton-on. -Tees for a special episode.

A source told The Sun: ‘It is highly unlikely that Matthew and Isabel will return to the screen before Christmas [as] they have just returned to the set, and since Emmerdale is filmed six weeks in advance, that puts their date of I’ll be back in January. ‘

He added: “It was a disappointment for the bosses and writers, but of course they understood that it was necessary to do the proper inquiries.”

The spirits were very high. It was tense and the bosses found out what had happened very quickly. ‘

However, the actors were seen hugging for an Instagram snapshot shared last week, suggesting that their reported enmity is behind them.

Matthew’s wife

Matthew’s wife, Charley Webb, shared a photo of the couple jokingly on social media, captioning the photo: ‘Most Annoying Humans’ along with a loving heart.


Isabel reacted to the photo, shared on Charley’s Instagram Stories with: ‘We love you too hun @miss_charleywebb’ while Matthew added that they are: ‘BFFS!’

Isabel also shared a photo of Matthew lying on the ground while playing with his dog.

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