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A four-day-old baby died of sepsis after midwives were too slow and a doctor gave him acetaminophen instead of antibiotics, a medical examiner ruled.

Harvey Nicholson died of hypoxia (lack of oxygen) that occurred after he developed sepsis after he was born in August 2019.

He was born at Hull Royal Infirmary on August 23, to parents Sonia Brice and James Nicholson, and was later transferred to Glenfield Hospital in Leicester for specialized care, where he tragically passed away.

The investigative hearing in Hull Coroners Court earlier this month found that the HRI team

The investigative hearing in Hull Coroners Court earlier this month found that the HRI team of midwives did not respond to her sepsis quickly enough, and then subsequent inspection by a pediatrician did not recognize her symptoms.

Doctors were found to have prescribed Harvey acetaminophen when they should have given him antibiotics.During the hearing, the coroner identified several flaws in which HRI personnel provided inappropriate care to Harvey.

Staff did not detect Sonia’s history of urinary tract infections during her pregnancy, nor did they detect the presence of GBS, a type of bacteria.

“If all the available information had been correctly gathered together, it would likely have led to the administration of broad-spectrum antibiotics to Harvey an hour after he was born,” the report by coroner Lorraine Harris said.

However, there was neither a risk assessment nor a screening test for neonatal sepsis. The administration of antibiotics within an hour after the birth could have altered the result ”.

Harvey’s blood infection, combined with the likley inhalation of meconium (newborn feces) during labor, led to severe hypoxia, the report adds, causing his brain and liver to run out of oxygen.

Ms. Harris concluded: “Her death from him was due to negligence.”

A spokeswoman for the Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust said: “We deeply regret the mistakes we made that led to Harvey’s death. We accept that Harvey would not have died if we had followed the correct procedure.

“ We have apologized to the Harvey family and today we repeat that apology to them and everyone who loved Harvey.

‘Harvey’s death is the subject of further legal action, so we are limited in what we can say at this stage.

However, we would like to highlight our research evidence that he have made significant changes to our procedure.

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Quicks and Facts

  • Harvey Nicholson died from oxygen starvation due to his sepsis development 
  • Born at Hull Royal Infirmary to parents Sonia Brice and James Nicholson
  • Inquest found midwife team failed to respond to his sepsis quickly enough  
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