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Who is Jaswant Singh Chail?

The father of a teenage boy suspected of climbing Windsor Castle armed with a crossbow in an attempt to ‘assassinate the queen in revenge for the 1919 Amritsar massacre’ told MailOnline today that something had gone ‘terribly wrong with his son’ .

A shocking video showing the man with a crossbow appeared last night after a 19-year-old was severed who scaled the castle’s barbed fence.

The footage shows the man, believed to be the arrested suspect, holding a black crossbow and using a distorted voice as he makes threats in front of the camera.

Jaswant Singh Chail uploaded the prerecorded video to Snapchat at 8:06 a.m. on Christmas Day, 24 minutes before police arrested a man inside the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Jaswant’s father Jasbir Singh Chail told MailOnline:

Jaswant’s father Jasbir Singh Chail told MailOnline: ‘Something went terribly wrong with our son and we are trying to find out what.

“We have not had a chance to speak to him, but we are trying to get him the help he needs. From our perspective, we are going through a difficult time. We are trying to solve this problem and it is not easy ”.

Jaswant Chail was raised in a £ 500,000 townhouse located on a private estate in North Baddesley, Southampton.

His father, Mr. Chail, 57, is listed as a director of an information technology company along with his mother, 51 years old. He is also believed to have a 19-year-old sister who still lives on the property.

Jaswant’s father is a skilled and well-spoken software engineer who runs the company from his home.

His son is believed to have enjoyed a comfortable and loving upbringing surrounded by his family in their middle-class district north of Southampton.

Known to his friends as Jas, he is said to have used a filter to distort his voice and wore a hoodie and mask, an outfit believed to be inspired by Star Wars.

He says, ‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what I did and what I will do. I will try to assassinate Isabel, queen of the royal family. This is revenge for those who died in the Jallianwala Bagh massacre of 1919.

“It is also revenge for those who have been killed, humiliated and discriminated against because of their race. I am an Indian Sikh, a Sith. ‘

He adds ‘My name was Jaswant Singh Chail’ and then it seems to give a Star Wars themed identity that sounds like ‘Darth Jones’.

jaswant Singh Chail

Jaswant Singh Chail posted a video before trespassing Windsor Castle with a crossbow. You Tube Grab


Sith may be a reference to major Star Wars villains, while Darth Jones may relate to James Earl Jones, who voiced Darth Vader. A framed image of the Star Wars character Darth Malgus was visible in the background of the clip.

In the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, or Amritsar Massacre, 379 protesters were killed and 1,200 injured by British forces in India.

Along with the video, a message was also sent on Snapchat that said: ‘I am sorry for all those to whom I have lied or hurt.’

‘If you have received this, then my death is near. Please share this with anyone and if possible send it to the news if they are interested. ‘

The suspect, whose name has not yet been identified by police, was arrested shortly after 8.30 a.m. yesterday after being seen on CCTV wandering the grounds after scaling an exterior wall. He later he was sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Scotland Yard said detectives were examining images that were posted on social media prior to the Christmas Day incident at the Queen’s Berkshire home.

Police confirmed that a crossbow was found after the intruder was detained on the castle grounds while the Queen was in residence.

There is no indication that the intruder, who has not been identified, was known to threaten members of the Royal Family before this week.

And sources say that once he had access to the real property, the teenager “did not know what to do with himself” and was quickly arrested.

But it is clear that the incident is being taken very seriously. The Metropolitan Police is investigating and has informed the Ministry of the Interior.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “Following the man’s arrest, detectives are evaluating the content of a video.”

The viral clip shows Chail sporting a hooded suit and mask, apparently inspired by Star Wars. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what I did and what I will do. I will try to assassinate Elizabeth, queen of the royal family. This is revenge for those who died in the 1919 Jallianwala Bagh massacre,” Chail says in the video.

“It is also revenge for those who have been killed, humiliated and discriminated against because of their race. I am an Indian Sikh, a Sith. My name was Jaswant Singh Chail, my name is Darth Jones,” he added. . The teenager reportedly used Sith in all likelihood as a reference to villains in Star Wars. The poster of a Star Wars character, Darth Malgus, is also visible in Chail’s video clip.

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Quicks and Facts

  • Jaswant Singh Chail uploaded the pre-recorded video to Snapchat on Christmas Day just after 8am
  • Footage shows masked and hidden crossbow-wielding figure threatening to ‘assassinate the Queen’
  • Chail’s family said today that they were trying to figure out what had ‘gone horribly wrong’ with son  
  • Armed intruder was arrested in the grounds of Windsor Castle on Christmas Day by police forces
  • Suspect, who was carrying a crossbow, was sectioned under Mental Health Act  the Met announced
  • Do you know Jaswant Singh Chail? Get in touch by emailing 
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