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Jurors in Kim Potter’s trial have heard testimony from an expert witness who told them that Potter’s catastrophic mistake of drawing his gun instead of his taser gun was a “mistake of action,” a recognized occupational hazard. and high pressure situations.

Dr. Laurence

Clinical and forensic psychologist Dr. Laurence Miller took the defense position Friday morning to explain what he claimed were the mechanisms at play in Potter’s mind when she shot Daunte Wright.

He explained an action error as a situation where “you intend to do one thing, you think you are doing that, but you do something else and you only realize after the action that the action you intended is not the one you took” . “.

Potter, 49, is charged with manslaughter in Wright’s death. During an April 11 traffic stop in the Brooklyn Center suburb of Minneapolis, the 20-year-old black motorist became separated from officers trying to arrest him and was trying to drive away when Ptter shot him. Body camera video captured Potter, who is white, yelling “I’ll bother you!” and “Taser, Taser, Taser!” before shooting once.

“Rape of what?” Gray asked.

Kim Potter expected on stand as trial for Daunte Wright's death nears end photo 1

“From politics, procedure or law,” Gannon said.

During questioning, prosecutor Matthew Frank asked Gannon if he was consistent with policy “for an officer not to know that he has a firearm in his hand when he shoots.”

“Good,” Peterson said.

Stoughton later testified that he was only aware of 20 of those cases, but defense attorneys used objections to prevent him from talking about how important that was to Potter’s case.

Peterson on Tuesday also guided jurors through the Brooklyn Center department’s training procedures for using a Taser, while prosecutor Matthew Frank showed them pages of manufacturer and department training materials that warn of the dangers of mixing. a Taser. and a gun. Frank also highlighted portions that say a Taser should not be used simply to stop fleeing suspects or suspects operating vehicles.

The case is being heard by a mostly white jury.

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Kim Potter Quicks and Facts

  • Kim Potter is expected to testify in her trial Friday, hoping to persuade jurors to acquit her of manslaughter charges in what she has said was a gun-Taser mixup
  • The defense first called clinical and forensic psychologist Dr. Laurence Miller to explain what he said were the mechanisms at play in Potter’s mind at the time
  • Miller told the court Potter’s fatal mistake was an ‘action error’ – a recognized hazard of high-pressure jobs and situations
  • During the action itself, he said: ‘The person thinks they are performing one action when they are performing something else’ 
  • A compressed defense case appears likely to wrap up after just two days, with jurors also expected to hear from an expert on how such errors can occur
  • Potter, 49, fatally shot Daunte Wright, 20, after he pulled away from officers seeking to arrest him on a weapons warrant on April 11  in Brooklyn Center, MN 
  • Prosecutors have to prove recklessness or culpable negligence in order to win a conviction on the manslaughter charges
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