Who is Kyle Rittenhouse?(A US teenager charged with shooting three people during civil unrest on the streets of Wisconsin last year has taken the stand in his own defence. 17) Wiki,Bio,Age,Murder,Kill

Kyle Rittenhouse

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Who is Kyle Rittenhouse?

On August 25, 2020, amid riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, following the Jacob Blake police shooting, Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old from Antioch, Illinois, shot and killed two men and injured another in the arm during fighting. in two locations.

Prosecutors have alleged that Rittenhouse, 18, was looking for trouble that night.

The teenager has pleaded not guilty to all charges against him.


Rittenhouse faces reckless, intentional and attempted murder charges after he shot dead two men and wounded another.

Riots broke out in Kenosha in August 2020 after police shot a black man, Jacob Blake. Rittenhouse had traveled to town from his home in Illinois the day before and, with a semiautomatic rifle in tow, claimed that he was seeking to help protect property from rioting on the streets.

Testifying in court on Wednesday, he said: “I did not intend to kill. I intended to arrest the person who was trying to kill me and steal my weapon.”


Gaige Grosskreutz, the third person to be shot by Rittenhouse on the night of August 25, 2020, testified this week that she thought Rittenhouse was an “active shooter” when she pulled out his own pistol and advanced on him.

Mr. Rittenhouse said on the stand that he was in town because he had seen the destruction caused by the riots. In particular, he mentioned seeing on social media that a police officer had a brick thrown at his head.

He explained how he had joined other armed civilians to protect a number of local car dealerships.

Kenosha County Circuit Court Judge Bruce Schroeder

Kenosha County Circuit Court Judge Bruce Schroeder is known to be viewed as a tough jurist.

During today’s line of questioning, Schroeder stopped the cross-examination of Kyle Rittenhouse by Prosecutor Thomas Binger to admonish the prosecution’s line of questioning.

The two had an irritable exchange after the judge asked the jury to leave the courtroom.

Schroeder also made headlines last month by reiterating his old rule of not allowing prosecutors to refer to people as “victims” before juries in his courtroom.

At the same time, Schroeder said at a pre-trial hearing that the men they shot could be described as “looters” or “rioters” if the defense can show that they participated in such activity during the protests after a police officer shot. against Jacob Blake in August 2020, leaving Blake paralyzed.

His decision immediately sparked debate and, in some cases, outrage in legal circles, and Schroeder, the longest-serving judge in Wisconsin trial courts, was once again brought to the fore.


Said Dan Adams

“His word on him is final and he’s not afraid to make tough decisions,” said Dan Adams, a criminal defense attorney and former Wisconsin prosecutor.

Schroeder, 75, has come under scrutiny many times during his nearly 40 years in court – since a 2018 sentence, overturned on appeal, requiring a convicted shoplifter to tell store managers that was under supervision for retail theft, until ordering AIDS tests for sex workers in the late 1980s.

“He has a reputation for doing what he thinks is the right thing to do and being an independent thinker,” said William Lynch, a retired attorney who served on the board of the ACLU of Wisconsin when Schroeder ruled on AIDS testing.

“And it’s his courtroom. He doesn’t like to be pushed around by either side. So he has a strong sense of his own courtroom behavior,” Lynch said.

CNN has asked Schroeder for comment.

An experienced southeastern Wisconsin attorney who appeared before Schroeder many times described the judge as “someone who has studied the Constitution and the enumerated rights of criminal defendants and … respects the right of the defense to present a defense.”

Said the Attorney

“He’s a super old-school kid,” said the attorney, who asked not to be named because he still appears to Schroeder.

“And that doesn’t mean he’s older. I mean he’s 75 years old, he’s older than most judges, but he’s an old school kid. He still operates his courtroom like out 1980 “.

Schroeder will turn 80 when he ends his current term in 2026.

The Wisconsin defense attorney, who asked not to be named, noted that Schroeder’s sharp tongue and sometimes combative manner have “softened” over the years.

“He does bark some and, for younger lawyers, they are very sensitive to that kind of thing. ‘Oh, the judge yelled at me,'” the attorney said. “Like, toughen up, buttercup. This is felony court. Senior attorneys say, ‘Okay, he yelled at me. And then I saw him in the hall and he asked me how my son’s basketball game was.’ his style “.

Judge admonishes prosecutor over Rittenhouse cross-examination

Judge Bruce Schroeder stopped prosecutor Thomas Binger’s cross-examination of Kyle Rittenhouse to admonish the prosecution team’s line of questioning.

The two had an irritable exchange after the judge asked the jury to leave the courtroom.

“Don’t be cheeky with me,” Schroeder told Binger.

The exchange is in progress.

Rittenhouse testifies that he did not intend to kill anyone, but agrees that he used “deadly force”.
From CNN’s Mike Hayes

Prosecutor Thomas Binger is now questioning the defendant Kyle Rittenhouse. The ADA opened its questioning of Rittenhouse by asking, “Everyone who shot that night who they intended to kill, correct?”

“I didn’t mean to kill them. I intended to stop the people who were attacking me,” Rittenhouse said.

When the district attorney pressured Rittenhouse to arrest these people by “killing” them, Rittenhouse backed off and responded, “Two of them were killed, but I stopped the threat of attacking me.”

Rittenhouse agreed with Ringer that he intentionally used “deadly force” on his victims that night.

“I didn’t know if I was going to kill them, but I used deadly force to stop the threat attacking me.”
The interrogation is ongoing.

Rittenhouse testifies that he saw a pistol shoot victim Gaige Grosskreutz in the hand before shooting him.
Kyle Rittenhouse testified that after falling to the ground, he saw Gaige Grosskreutz standing in front of him. He said he saw a gun in Grosskreutz’s hand

My rifle is down.

“My rifle is down. His hands are up. His gun is in his hand, and then he looks at me, and that’s when he lowers his arm … like his arm is like that with me on the ground and his gun is pointing at me.” Rittenhouse testified.
“That’s when I shot him,” he continued.

He said he shot Grosskreutz once but he didn’t know where he shot him

Rittenhouse shot Grosskreutz once in his right bicep with his AR-15 rifle. Grosskreutz was the only shooting victim to survive.

When asked by his lawyer what happened after he shot Grosskreutz, Rittenhouse said: “He is no longer a threat to me.”

Rittenhouse says Anthony Huber was “holding a skateboard like a baseball bat” when he shot him
From CNN’s Carma Hassan

After shooting Joseph Rosenbaum, Kyle Rittenhouse described him running past Anthony Huber toward the police line.

“When I run past Mr. Huber

“When I run past Mr. Huber, he is holding a skateboard like a baseball bat and swinging it down and blocking it with my arm trying to avoid hitting me, but he still hits me on the neck. And when he blocks it, he flies off somewhere in the distance, ”Rittenhouse said.

He says that he felt dizzy and fell to the ground.

“While I’m on the ground, there are people around me, I don’t remember how many, but I do remember that I moved my rifle in his direction and they went away as well as one person,”

Rittenhouse said that person jumped on him.

“When his boot is making contact with my face, I shoot him two shots,” Rittenhouse said.

“Why did you shoot him?” defense attorney Mike Richards asked.

“He would have stomped on my face if he hadn’t shot,” Rittenhouse replied.

Rittenhouse said Huber ran over and hit him a second time in the neck with a skateboard and grabbed the gun from him.

“I can feel the strap starting to come off my body,” Rittenhouse said.

Kyle Rittenhouse describes the shooting: “I did nothing wrong. I defended myself.”

Kyle Rittenhouse said that as he ran, the shooting victim, Joseph Rosenbaum, threw a bag and chain at him. He said that another person with Rosenbaum told him: “Catch him, kill him.”

Rittenhouse said he pointed his gun at Rosenbaum, who continued to pursue him.

“After he throws the bag and keeps running, he’s picking up speed towards me, a shot is fired from behind me, directly behind me. I take a few steps and that’s when I turn around. As I turn around, El Mr. Rosenbaum … he’s coming towards me with his arms outstretched in front of him. I remember his hand on the barrel of my gun. ”
Defense attorney Mark Richards asked Rittenhouse: “When he sees him throwing himself at you, what does he do?”

“I shoot him,” he replied.

When his attorney asked him how many times he shot Rosenbaum, he said, “I think four.”

Rittenhouse said he kept running with the intention of going to the police.

When asked why he was trying to reach the police, Rittenhouse said, “Because I did nothing wrong. I defended myself.”

Rittenhouse resumes testimony of him after breaking on stand

Kyle Rittenhouse has resumed testimony from him after a brief hiatus after he collapsed on the stand while describing the night of the shooting.

Her mother, Wendy Rittenhouse, was heard sobbing loudly within reach of the jury, as she watched her son cry as she testified Wednesday, according to the pool reporter.

Someone sitting next to her put an arm around her trying to comfort her, according to the pool reporter.

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