Lorraine Burgeen 58 : Couple whose four cockerels ‘crowed from dawn til dusk’ are told by judge to rehome pets after ‘nightmare’ three years for long-suffering neighbours Wiki, Bio

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A judge has told a couple whose four roosters “crowed from dawn to dusk” to  relocate them after they “caused misery” to their neighbors for three years.

Lorraine Burgeen, 58, and her husband Alexander, 69, left her neighbors in Blackpool, Lancashire, feeling they were living a ‘nightmare’.

Residents say they asked the couple to remove the birds three years ago, but were met with assault.

A neighbor said: ‘It was a nightmare. You cannot sit in your garden, you cannot open your window.

Residents on the street (pictured) say they had asked the couple to remove the birds three years ago but had been met with aggressionThe Conservative Councilor, who represents the Greenland Ward of Blackpool Council, said: “It is very annoying at any time, but especially at five in the morning.

“The residents are delighted that the court has told the couple to get rid of the roosters and hope this is the end of the matter.”

The has attempted to contact Mr and Mrs Burgeen, who were given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay court costs of £ 100, as well as a victim surcharge of £ 22, to comment.

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