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One woman who spent years hiding her “ bloated belly ” said she “ feels like a new person ” since taking vitamins to address her symptoms. Matilda Hopkinson, 25, from London, noticed changes in her body at age 14 and began experiencing stomach pains so severe that she missed school and fell behind in her class work.

Matilda, a Associations Manager

In her teens, Matilda, a associations manager, became more aware of her appearance and began to avoid social events in which she would have to wear tight clothing.

After being diagnosed with IBS in her early 20s, she tried medications that slightly alleviated her symptoms, but she said it wasn’t until she tried a detoxifying vitamin treatment recommended by a friend that her symptoms finally disappeared.

Matilda told FEMAIL

Matilda told FEMAIL: ‘I started noticing my bloating when i was around 14 years old, around the same time that your body starts to change and you hit puberty.

“I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted without noticing any change or reaction, but then all of a sudden the bloating started, honestly, it felt like it happened overnight. ”

In her early teenage years, Matilda had to miss school due to severe stomach aches and had trouble falling asleep due to anxiety about the condition.

“It was pretty confusing when I was younger because not many of my friends, in fact, I don’t think any of them suffered from the swelling symptoms that I had,” she said.

‘I had awful stomach pains which would really distract me from school, and I would have to take time off because the pain was so intense.

‘There were nights that I couldn’t sleep and the more I stressed about it the worse it got, this was when I realised I needed to seek help.’

Doctors Advised

Doctors advised her to cut out gluten and keep a food diary, but nothing helped to ease her bloating, with Matilda insisting: ‘I honestly felt like I tried everything.’

As she entered her late teens, Matilda became more ‘self-conscious and embarrassed’ about her bloated stomach, and would frequently compare her body to other women her age.

“ I think as you get older you become mre aware of your body and the trend of fad diets begins, especially girls compare their bodies more than when they were younger, ” she said.

‘So Having a Belly Like a Balloon,

‘So having a belly like a balloon, naturally, was very uncomfortable and not very good for my confidence. The swelling made me feel bigger than i was and I constantly compared myself to others.

“ I also found myself canceling things to avoid having to wear clothes that could make it noticeable and more painful, all I wanted to wear tracksuits. ”

The extreme bloat had a ‘really big effect’ on her life, often canceling last minute plans and turning down invitations to social events due to pain and discomfort.

It also made me lose confidence in my body and how I looked, since being swollen made it impossible to feel good about myself.

‘I would have so little self-confidence due to the swelling that I would just cancel the events. I would not feel comfortable or safe to dress up so i would send most of the time on tracks as they were hiding my swelling and not squeezing me.

‘It Was a Battle to Love My Body,

‘It was a battle to love my body, when the swelling made me feel so much bigger than I was. You can’t exactly feel s*xy or love yourself when your belly is like a balloon. ‘

After numerous scans and tests, her gynecologist diagnosed Matilda with IBS and prescribed Buscopan and Colperman to relieve her symptoms.

“There was slight relief from the swelling, but it was still there and it was still uncomfortable,” she said.

‘For it to work, I had to take it for at least a month and they were drugs that I didn’t want to take for a long time. I wanted something that would naturally support my body and fit easily into my daily routine. ‘

“Invisible Disease”

She said that people often do not understand how difficult it is to live with an ‘invisible disease’, insisting that it is not just the physical aspects of the condition that are bothering her.

“I think it’s hard to identify if you haven’t experienced it,” she said. “I don’t think people realize how uncomfortable it is, as it’s not just about how you look, it’s the pain thar goes with it aswell.

“That is the problem with an invisible disease, unless you have experienced it before, it is impossible to identify yourself.”

JSHealth’s Detox + Debloat Vitamins

Matilda has since discovered JSHealth’s Detox + Debloat Vitamins after a recommendation from a friend, who said she started showing results within two weeks.

‘I love how the ingredients are all natural and there to help your body do what it naturally needs to do to help detoxify and digest. I rarely swell more and when I do, the symptoms are not like they used to be.

“ I recommend JSHealth to everyone now, especially now that I know there is a solution, now one should have to deal with the debilitating symptoms of bloating. ”

“Breath of Fresh Air”

She described the treatment as a “breath of fresh air” and said it is “even though a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders.”

“I felt like a new woman, I have a new life. A lot of stress went away, I found the love for more body and my confidence grew and is starting to grow even more.

‘I no longer have to worry about bloating, I no longer have to cancel plans due to my bloating and I no longer have to spend my life in a tracksuit.

“I can eat whatever I want, i can go out with friends and I don’t need to worry about what happens if I bloat, because now I know what to do, I have a solution.”

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Matilda Hopkinson Quicks and Facts

  • Matilda Hopkinson, 25, from London noticed changes in her body at age of 14 
  • Tried cutting our gluten and kept a food diary but says nothing helped bloating 
  • After being diagnosed with IBS at the age of 20 doctors prescribed medication
  • It wasn’t until trying a new vitamin detox treatment her symptoms disappeared  
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