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Police have reopened an investigation into the kidnapping and murder of a woman who died 52 years ago after the convicted murderer confessed where she is buried.

Scotland Yard has assigned a team of officers to investigate the location of Muriel McKay’s remains after Nizamodeen Hosein, 75, admitted her family last month.

They will visit the National Archives today to locate the original files on her case since she was abducted in 1969.

McKay, who was 55, was the victim of a botched kidnapping by Nizamodeen and hers, her older brother Arthur, after she was mistaken for Rupert Murdoch’s wife.

Nizamodeen Hosein, who was 21 at the time, also revealed new details about what happened the night he

A Scotland Yard spokesperson told MailOnline:

A Scotland Yard spokesperson told MailOnline: “Muriel McKay’s family contacted the Met in December 2021 regarding the information they had obtained in connection with her murder.

“Officers from the Met’s Special Crimes Command have met with the family and are in the process of reviewing all the material.”

According to The Times, detectives traveled to the National Archives in Kew today to retrieve the original files on the case.

Nizamodeen claimed that no violence was used during the kidnapping

Nizamodeen claimed that no violence was used during the kidnapping. He said that Mrs. McCay dropped dead when she saw a news report about the kidnapping.

He and his brother demanded £ 1 million for the safe return of Mrs McCay.

The couple was sentenced to life in prison after a trial in 1970. The brothers were among the first to be convicted of murder despite the absence of a body.

Nisamadoeen has informed the family that Mrs McCay’s remains have been buried on an 11 acre farm in Hertfordshire.

The Times reported that the current owners of the farm have not allowed the family to deploy a specialized ground penetrating radar at the site.

Depending on the evidence, the Met Police may decide to initiate a search for Ms. McCay’s remains.

Her daughter Dianne McCay said: “We are pleased that the police are taking this seriously.” We’ve worked hard over the past few months to get this far and we just want to keep going.

“It’s very frustrating because we haven’t talked about anything else, and now Nizam told us where he buried my mother and now we have to stop and wait.” It is very difficult.

‘Christmas was painful because that’s when they took her away. The entire period of Christmas and New Years is always extremely delicate for us, as it is the anniversary of the last time we saw each other, in addition to the horror of what happened next.

Ms. McCay’s daughter said there are certain protocols that need to be followed, although the use of ground penetrating radar is quite simple.

Nizmodeen, 75, has now revealed the site where McKay was buried to an attorney representing her family and pressured police to excavate the site in an attempt to find her remains.

She also claimed that McKay died of a heart attack while she was viewing a news report about her abduction two days after the 40-day ordeal of rescue began.

She made the confession after being located in Trinidad by documentary filmmakers covering the story in August of this year, despite maintaining her innocence.

The couple claimed they were innocent, but Arthur’s fingerprints were found on the ransom notes and a notebook filled with the same paper that Muriel’s letters were written on was discovered at the site.

Nizmodeen told Matthew Gayle, a British lawyer in Trinidad hired by the family, that she wanted “closure” before she died and that she would reveal the location of McKay’s body.

He said: ‘In the farm there is a wooden door, there are some wooden doors, it has a barn next to it, a barn next to it, and ten feet forward, ten feet to this side [left], the body is somewhere place over there. ”

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Quicks and Facts

  • Nizamodeen and Arthur Hosein abducted and murdered Muriel McCay in 1969
  • The brothers thought they were abducting Rupert Murdoch’s then wife Anna
  • Instead they kidnapped the wife of his deputy Alick McCay by mistake
  • They sought to ransom Mrs McCay, who was held for 40 days, for £1 million  
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