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Who was Robert Durst?

Robert Alan Durst is an American convicted murderer, suspected serial killer and real estate heir. He is the son of New York City real estate mogul Seymour Durst and the older brother of Douglas Durst, director of the Durst Organization. Wikipedia

Robert Durst Age

He was Born: April 12, 1943, New York, New York, United States


Debrah Lee Charatan (d. 2000), Kathleen McCormack (d. 1973)


Douglas Durst, Wendy Durst Kreeger, Thomas Durst


Seymour Durst, Bernice Herstein

Millionaire convicted murderer Robert Durst has died in prison at the age of 78, according to his attorney.

Durst died as a California prisoner after pleading guilty in September to killing his friend Susan Berman.

He murdered her to prevent her from speaking to the police about the disappearance of his wife. Police believe he killed two others.

US real estate heir unknowingly turned fugitive, he confessed in an HBO crime documentary series about himself.

Durst’s attorney, Chip Lewis, confirmed that he died at San Joaquin General Hospital while in the custody of the California Department of Corrections.

He said that his death was due to “natural causes” and that he had been suffering from numerous medical problems.

But only after Los Angeles prosecutors proved that Berman’s motive for death was to silence her because she helped him cover up Kathie’s murder, was a New York grand jury indicted him in November for second-degree murder for the death. of his wife.

Los Angeles prosecutors told jury that Durst had his way in Texas after shooting a man who discovered his identity while he was in hiding in Galveston after Berman’s murder. Durst was acquitted of murder in that case in 2003, after testifying that he shot the man while fighting for a weapon.

Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney John Lewin said jurors told him after the verdict that they believed Durst murdered Morris Black in Texas and killed his wife.

Durst discussed the cases and made several damning statements, including a shocking confession during a careless moment in HBO’s six-part documentary series “The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst.”


In each death, investigators found circumstances that pointed to Mr. Durst as the perpetrator.

There was only one relatively clear case against him. It was the murder of Mr. Black, a 71-year-old curmudgeonly former merchant marine who lived across the street from him in a Galveston boarding house. Mr. Durst lived there under the guise of a sometimes mute woman. One night, the two men argued, Mr. Durst pulled out a .22 caliber pistol and they fought over the weapon. As recounted by Mr. Durst, they fell to the ground, the gun went off and the bullet hit Mr. Black in the face, killing him.

Arrested on a murder charge

Mr. Durst dismembered the victim and dumped the body parts in Galveston Bay. Arrested on a murder charge, he hit bail and fled. After a 45-day manhunt, he was caught in a Pennsylvania supermarket stealing a chicken sandwich. In his rented car, police found two guns, $ 37,000 in cash, marijuana, and Mr. Black’s driver’s license. At his 2003 trial, he claimed that he had acted in self-defense and disposed of the body, then fled in a panic, fearing that no one would believe his story. He was acquitted.

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Quicks and Facts

  • Convicted killer Robert Durst died four months after being sentenced to life in prison for the execution-style killing of his longtime friend  Susan Berman
  • His lawyer said he died at San Joaquin General Hospital after going into cardiac arrest
  • Durst was the estranged scion of a vast Manhattan real estate empire, valued today at $8 billion – his brother, Douglas Durst, said he was ‘a true psychopath’
  • He was convicted  last year for murdering Berman in 2000
  • Prosecutors alleged that ‘she knew too much’ about his involvement in the mysterious disappearance of his first wife in 1982 
  • One week after being sentenced for killing Berman, a grand jury in Westchester Counter charged Durst for Kathy’s murder
  • His death leaves behind many unanswered questions surrounding Kathie’s unsolved case 
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