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Romans Gzibovskis

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Who is Romans Gzibovskis?

Romans Gzibovskis, 38, of Kastire, Latvia, was detained on the eastern docks of Dover on August 24.Border Force officers found 16 kg of the Class A drug hidden in a battery compartment inside the HGV Gzibovskis.He pleaded guilty to being involved in the importation of a controlled drug at Canterbury Crown Court in September and was jailed for seven years on Thursday.

Gzibovskis, who was carrying a load of plastic pallets, had removed the large battery from the truck and replaced it with smaller car batteries connected to each other.

Gzibovskis HGV’s large battery

Border Force officers scanned the vehicle, which wascarrying a load of empty plastic pallets, and noted an abnormality in the external battery compartment.

Closer examination showed that the HGV’s large battery had been removed and replaced with a smaller car battery connected to each other. Class A drugs had been placed in the middle space.

A total of 16 kilos of cocaine was found National Crime Agency

which experts at the National Crime Agency estimate would have been worth roughly £ 650,000 at street level.

Gzibovskis pleaded guilty to one count of participation in the importation of a controlled drug in Canterbury Crown Court on September 27. He was sentenced to seven years in the same court yesterday (December 9).

Mark Howes, NCA branch commander, said:

Mark Howes, NCA branch commander, said: “Gzibovskis clearly thought that this concealment method would leave his deadly burden undetected.

“Fortunately it was not like that. Not only has he deprived organized criminals of their profits, but he has prevented class A drugs from reaching our streets, where they fuel violence and the exploitation of vulnerable people.

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Quicks and Facts

  • Romans Gzibovskis, 38, travelled to the UK from Latvia in his HGV
  • He was stopped at Dover’s  Eastern Docks on August 24 by Border Force
  • Officers found £650,000 worth of cocaine stashed in battery space of the lorry
  • Gzibovskis was yesterday jailed for seven years at Canterbury Crown Court 
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