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Who is Ryan Roberts?

A protester who set fire to police vehicles during a riot that caused £ 200,000 in criminal damage after a “Kill the Bill” rally was jailed for 14 years today.

Ryan Roberts led chants of “ACAB: All Cops Are Fucked” in front of a police station in Bristol city center on March 21 this year.

When the protest turned violent, Roberts threw cans, bottles and placards at the officers, in addition to verbally abusing andrepeatedly kicking them.The 25-year-old, who had used cocaine and drunk, smashed the windows of the Bridewell Police Station on Bridwell Street.

Roberts, without a fixed address, was alsocaught in the film shoving burning pieces of cardboard under two police vans and placing industrial containers around an already partially burned police car and setting them on fire. He told an officer inside one of the trucks that he would “explode.”

He smashed the windows of a mobile police station and encouraged the crowd to help overturn it before turning on the taxi light while hundreds of people were nearby.


Presenting evidence, Roberts said he got carried away by the fight for free speech during a protest against the government’s Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts bill.

Roberts told the court that the bill was aimed at banning peaceful protests entirely, saying the rally was about free speech.

He said the mood at the protest changed when police put on riot gear at nightfall and officers began “shoving, shoving and hitting” the crowd with shields and batons. “I was fighting for a cause that I was passionate about,” Roberts said.

Two officers, who had served in the military, described the night as “the scariest incident of their careers.” Another described the riots as “fierce, prolonged and determined violence.”

Protesters in front of Bridewell Police Station during the riot of March 21

Protesters in front of a police station in Bristol during a Kill the Bill march calling for the withdrawal of the legislation in March

After five hours, 48 minutes, the jury found Roberts unanimously guilty of riot and arson for being reckless as to whether life is in danger, in connection with an allegation that Roberts fire damaged a pickup truck of the mobile police station unoccupied, by a majority of 10 to 2.

Judge James Patrick said: “You played a leading role.

“You were encouraging others to participate.

“It all resulted in severe fear and anguish.”

Roberts will serve at least two-thirds of the 14-year term, the court heard.

Roberts was the first person to be convicted of the crime by a jury in the Southwest.

The jury was told that he has 15 convictions for 27 crimes including burglary, theft, shoplifting, fraud, possession of cannabis, possession of a knife, and possession of amphetamines.

Matt Jackson, prosecutor, told the jury that the right to peaceful protest is a “fundamental part of our democracy.”

But he said this case was about a men who, with others acting in the same way, dangerously and violently betrayed the trust of people exercising their democratic right to protest.

Jackson told jury that on March 21 the police, Crimes, Sentencing and Courts bill was making its way through Parliament and a protest was held in Bristol to draw attention to concerns about it.

Jackson said

Jackson said the peaceful protesters were replaced by a mob that embarrassed Bristol and made national headlines for all the wrong reasons.

He said: “Anger and aggression came in waves against the police officers who were simply trying to protect the public and ensure that the protest was facilitated. In the end, when the police were attacked by a violent mob, they were forced to try to protect themselves.

A police van on fire outside Bridewell Police Station on Sunday, March 21 

Riccio said police expected a peaceful protest on March 21, but at 6.30 pm the event became unstable and the atmosphere changed, a riot developed and officers were being assaulted.

It said 44 police officers were assaulted, two of them hospitalized that day, and the damage that included attacks on the Bridewell police station and some 20 police vehicles, two set on fire and discharged, amounted to more than £ 250,000.

Police reviewed more than 700 hours of video footage of the incident, which included some 250 mobile downloads sent by members of the public.

He denied Roberts’s claim that it was riot police violence that caused the problems.

He said: “There is a 34-minute video of Roberts, it stretches for many hours, the behavior of the crowd changed.

“We were there to facilitate a protest.

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Quicks and Facts

  • Ryan Roberts, 25, jailed for 14 years after setting police vehicles alight in Bristol 
  • He was involved in violent protests in the city after a ‘Kill the Bill’ demonstration 
  • Roberts was filmed on camera setting a police van alight in hours after protest  
  • He also threw cans, bottles and placards at officers, as well as kicking them 
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