Who is Sean Aldridge?(Father-of-two assistant head teacher, 39, who had s*x with underage girl pupils in his PE office and told one ‘I could go to prison for this’ and was jailed for 12 years ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Charged,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

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Who is Sean Aldridge?

An assistant principal who groomed students and had s*x with them in his office has been kicked out of the classroom for life.

Custodial teachers said physical education teacher Sean Aldridge, now 39, had shown no remorse for targeting four girls ages 13 to 16.

He was jailed for 12 years in July 2019 at Portsmouth Crown Court.

He has now been suspended for life by the Agency for Education Regulation watchdog for multiple offenses while teaching at Warblington School, Havant.

Peter Ward, who chaired the disciplinary hearing, said

Peter Ward, who chaired the disciplinary hearing, said: “The panel was satisfied that Mr. Aldridge’s conduct was totally contrary to the standards expected of the teaching profession.

“The teachers are in a privileged position of trust and Mr. Aldridge had abused his position.

Mr. Aldridge’s conduct was most serious and serious.

“Messrs. Aldridge’s actions in committing the crimes undoubtedly caused considerable harm and suffering to the students who had been placed in his care.

The panel concluded that Mr. Aldridge’s behavior in committing the crimes would affect the public’s confidence in the teaching profession.

Furthermore, that public confidence in the profession would be seriously undermined if he were allowed to teach after his release from prison.


Another said, during their first s*xual encounter, Aldridge kept repeating, “I could go to jail for this.”

Aldridge, who taught physical education, was also convicted of one count of provoking or inciting a child to engage in s*xual activity.

At her sentencing, one of her victims read a statement saying that Aldridge initially made her feel special, but that she felt “dirty, used, stupid and ashamed” after he took her virginity.

In sentencing, Judge Roger Etherington said of Aldridge: “The breach of trust was truly appalling. He was perceived as a good or outstanding teacher with a special relationship with the students.”

But, he said, Aldridge had primed the girls with “flirty text messages and intimate photos.”

He said it was “quite extraordinary” that by 2017 Aldridge had become the school’s protection leader, a position he said would have required “impressive arrogance” to apply.


Hampshire police confirmed that they had previously investigated the allegations involving two of the girls, but it later emerged that Aldridge had persuaded both victims to lie.

After sentencing him, Det Insp Toby Elcock said: “Aldridge had such control over the girls that they did not feel able to report what was happening to them when police spoke to two of the victims in 2010 and 2012.

“However, thanks to the courage of those girls, who are now adult women, that silence was broken.”

Emma Lile of the Crown Prosecution Service said Aldridge had “groomed and abused the trust of four girls” whom he deliberately attacked because they were vulnerable.

She said: “He took every opportunity to have s*x with them on the school premises or at his home. He thought that he could lead a normal life being married and having children without them probably finding out.”

A spokesman for the Hampshire County Council said the school took “immediate action” when police informed it of the allegations in 2017 by asking Aldridge to take time off work during the investigation.

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  • PE teacher Sean Aldridge, now 39, had shown ‘no remorse’ for targeting the girls
  • The assistant head was jailed for 12 years in July 2019 at Portsmouth crown court
  • He has now been struck off for life by the Teaching Regulation Agency watchdog
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