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Marcus Evans, 49, of Weston Super Mere, started drinking on Friday afternoon with his girlfriend and friend Shaun Dagnan, of Nuneaton. In the early hours of Saturday morning,he was allegedly attacked and killed with a sickle, allegedly for playing music too loud.

The moment the police arrest Prasut Thipthep on January 23

Accused and Arrest

Police said they had arrested a 23 year old local man with a history of mental health problems in connection with the attack and that ha had sustained injuries consistent with a knife fight. the alleged weapon used in the attack was a sickle found at the sceneOfficers said Evans and his friend Shaun Dagnan, 54, had been drinking alcohol outside a rented house in Kanchanaburi’s Muang district in the early hours of Saturday before the incident.

A sickle used to harvest rice was found at the crime scene along with a pair of shoes, local media reported.

Thipthep was charged with “intentional homicide” and “attempted to kill” Shaun Dagnan in connection with the incident.

Mr. Evans is believed to have lived in a Thailand for five years with Ms. Muanchit.

His 54-year-old friend, Mr. Dagnan, was seriously injured in the attack and was taken to hospital for treatment, Western Provinces Police Commander Thanayut Wuthijarasthamrong said.

Dagnan, from Nuneaton, is believed to have traveled to the country to spend time with his girlfriend Nong Pranee.

Police Lieutenant General Thanayut Vuthijarathamrong

Police Lieutenant General Thanayut Vuthijarathamrong is leading the police investigation and claims that Thipthep has confessed to the murder.

“The other Briton is now safe and under the care of doctors,” Thanayut told reporters, adding that the police investigation was ongoing.

Shaun reportedly received flowers from the Thai police while he was recovering in hospital today.


In response to reports that the suspect has a history of mental illness, the officer confirmed that he had a history of receiving treatment, but that ongoing screening was being conducted to determine his mental status at the time of the attack.

He added: ‘In this situation, the investigating officer together with medical experts will assess the suspect to determine whether or not he was fully conscious at the time of the attack.

‘But initially, two serious charges were filed against the perpetrators, one of intentional homicide and the charge of attempting to kill another person.

“For the injured and the deceased, the police have teamed up with the Tourist Police, including officials from the Office of Tourism and Sport, to coordinate with the British Embassy to contact the families of the injured and dead.


Evans, from Weston Super Mare, started drinking on Friday afternoon with his partner and friend Shaun Dagnan, from Nuneaton, local media said.

The victims were attacked early Saturday morning in Kanchanaburi, central Thailand, allegedly for playing music that was too loud.

Evans was killed in the attack, with reports suggesting he was nearly decapitated, while Dagnan sustained serious injuries and was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Police initially said they had arrested a 23 year old local man with a history of mental health problems in connection with the attack.

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Quicks and Facts

  • Wassana Muanchit, 33, found Marcus Evans, 49, face down in a pool of blood  
  • Local Thai man Prasut Thipthep, 23, has been arrested over the killing  
  • Mr Evans found shirtless in pair of black shorts, was pronounced dead at scene
  • His friend was found in critical condition and taken to hospital where he remains
  • Ms Muanchit said: ‘I looked in his eyes. I was still so angry at him. I asked him ”why did you kill my husband?”’ 
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