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Skilyr Hicks, a singer-songwriter who appeared on “America’s Got Talent” in 2013, was found dead earlier this week, authorities with the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office confirmed. She was 23 years old. Hicks’ body was found at a friend’s home in South Carolina, her mother Jodi told TMZ.

Skilyr Hicks performing on America's Got Talent

Hicks’ mother said her daughter was found dead at a home in North Carolina (Picture: YouTube, AGT)

Skilyr Hicks, who at age 14 impressed the judges of America’s Go

Skilyr Hicks, who at age 14 impressed the judges of America’s Got Talent with her rendition of an original song and the moving story of the loss for her father, died Monday in Liberty, South Carolina. She was 23 years old.


Her death was confirmed by her younger sister Breelyn Hicks in a Facebook post this morning. Earlier, TMZ reported that the sister’ mother, Jodi Hicks, told the outlet that Skiler was found dead in the home of a friend of hers.

“My super beautiful, extremely talented, hilarious, free-spirited sister left this world to be with Jesus,” writes Breelyn Hicks. “I can’t put into words how heartbroken I am. I will miss her like crazy. I will miss her voice, her long warm hugs, her constant joke with puns. Her ability to create music that inspired thousands of people. There was so much life left in her life. to live … ”

My first song “.

After her performance, in which she accompanied herself on guitar, Mandel told Hicks that she was “inspiring the nation right now,” and all four judges voted to keep the contestant on the roster. competence. She was later eliminated during the live rounds of the sesson.

The aspiring singer appeared on America’s Got Talent in 2013 when she was 14 years old, auditioning for judges Mel B, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Howard Stern. She performed an original song, Brand New Day, and explained how she learned to play the guitar on her own while she mourned the death of her father.

Hicks got four yeses from the judges and went on the next round but was eliminated just before the live shows in New York City.

Jodi said her daughter was very dear to her family, including four siblings, and she used her art to help those in need.


He went up a round by performing an original song titled Brand New Day, and segments from the show detailed what a self-taught musician was like mourning the loss of his father.

He said at the time that the death of her father was “a really difficult time for her, before she gave credit to the music for helping her” to let out all time emotion that was building inside her.

Hicks got four yeses from the judges, but was eliminated shortly before the live rounds in New York.

Hicks had made headlines in recent years due to multiple legal problems.


She was arrested in November 2018 in connection with underage drinking and intoxication in Ohio linked to an incident that occurred a month earlier, TMZ previously reported.

She also faced domestic violence charges in April 2017, as she was accused of assaulting three family members while intoxicated, according to the outlet.

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Quicks and Facts

  • Cause and circumstances of death was not immediately clear to her family 
  • Hicks had been battling depression and substance abuse
  • Singer-songwriter was 14 when she appeared on America’s Got Talent in 2013 
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