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This is the eerie moment when a convenience store worker was caught on video beating up a man who was having a seizure inside a store in North Carolina.

Sobhi Hassan, 68, repeatedly struck Gregory Evans, 56, with a stick moments after the man began convulsing at the Princess Market convenience store in Rocky Mount last Wednesday, according to cell phone images acquired by WRAL-TV, affiliate of NBC.

Hassan was taken into custody Tuesday by the Rocky Mount Police Department, but only after the station stepped forward and shared video of the attack.

Hassan, whose family owns the store, has been charged with simple assault. reached out to the Rocky Mount Police Department for comment.

According to the WRAL report

Hassan was arrested Tuesday by the Rocky Mount Police Department and charged with simple battery, according to the WRAL report.

Community members in Rocky Mount have been protesting since the video appeared, calling for the closure of Princess Market, according to WRAL.

Protesters told WRAL that they felt Princess Market had behaved in “a negative and discriminatory manner” towards its community for years, and that the video was the breaking point.

“This community lacks banking activity, this community lacks a pharmacy, this community also lacks educational opportunities, so there are a lot of things that could really happen here,” Rocky Mount resident Bronson Williams told WRAL. “We have to restore value here in this community, so that people can know that they do matter.”

A community forum was held Monday at Ebenezer Baptist Church, where the victim’s sister, Edith Cooper, gave an update on Evans’ condition.

“He’s a bit slow and still doesn’t have full body mobility from him right now,” Cooper said, according to WRAL. “But he is fine”.

Cooper said her brother was still undergoing testing for possible long-term injuries at the hospital, and that the assault has had a terrible impact on her and her family, WRAL reported.

William Jones, a member of Ebenezer Baptist

William Jones, a member of Ebenezer Baptist who is also on the church’s board of deacons, told the meeting that a day after attending a service at 11 a.m. he stopped by the Princess Market because he wanted to buy a can of Mountain Dew.

Jones said that after walking in and asking the man who looked after the store if he had cold Mountain Dews, the man quickly told him three times, “Get out.”

“I mean, it was ridiculous,” Jones said, noting that he tried unsuccessfully to ask why he was being ordered to leave.

“He had to go out or he and I would have been fighting just because he wanted a cold soda,” Jones said. “I could not believe it.”

He pointed out that from that day forward, he never slows down when he passes the store.

Another person in the audience, Jennifer Mitchell, said at the meeting: “I have a hard time believing that this is the first time violence has been reported in this store. Is not.”

Additionally, Mitchell told those present that police had been called to the store multiple times and that the man was comfortable that she had gotten away with it.

Mitchell also made it clear that she believed that what she did differently from the recent incident was: “He just happened to be caught on camera.”

A reporter on Tuesday afternoon went to the Princess Market to seek comment, but the store was closed.

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Sobhi Hassan Quicks and Facts

  • Rocky Mount, North Carolina, store clerk Sobhi Hassan, 68, was taken into custody this week for attacking Gregory Evans, 56, while he was having a seizure
  • Evans visited the Princess Market last Wednesday and started to have a seizure while he was standing in the middle of the shop
  • Video footage shows Hassan instructing Evans to exit the store as he hit his legs with a stick 
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