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Who is Stacey Giggs?

Stacey Giggs is the 38-year-old former WAG who married former Manchester United player Ryan Giggs in 2007. The couple have two children together, but split in 2016 amid claims that he had cheated on her with a relationship executive. public. The couple were locked in a £ 40 million divorce battle for a year.

Stacey Giggs Age?

Stacey Giggs is the 38-year-old former WAG who married former Manchester United player Ryan Giggs in 2007.

Stacey Giggs Family

  • Zachary Joseph Giggs
  • Liberty Beau Giggs

The Former WAG

Stacey Giggs was reportedly rushed to the hospital in severe pain after sustaining a back injury in the middle of the night.

The former WAG was reportedly taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary at 3am Thursday with a slipped disc.

Max George injury

Stacey’s boyfriend, Max George, 33, insisted the injury was not due to intense activity in the bedroom in the early hours of the morning, the Sun reports.

Despite being in a lot of pain, an insider confirmed that Stacey iis now feeling much better after her hospital stay.

I was told that Stacey was in immense pain and was unable to move, but is now recovering after receiving treatment.

A source said: ‘Stacey was in a lot of pain and she had no choice but to go to the hospital in the middle of the night.

‘It was kind of scary, but she’ll be fine.

“Max was Visiting his Elderly Grandmother the Next Morning

“Max was visiting his elderly grandmother the next morning, but he made sure to keep up with the events surrounding Stacey’s condition.”

MailOnline has contacted representatives for comment.

Stacey has been dating Max since 2019, two years after her marriage to Ryan Giggs broke up after her various infidelities.

The former couple share children Libby, 17, and Zachery, 14, and Max recently told the Metro that he is not trying to be a father to them.

The Wanted singer detailed his battle with depression earlier this year.

The Singer told MailOnline

The singer told MailOnline that during the height of his struggle with his mental health from 2014-15, his ‘chest, back and shoulders’ were covered in stains ‘out of nowhere’.

Max said: ‘I had to have a treatment so that everything burned.’

Then I had to go to Disneyland with the boys to perform and they were aware of the pain I was in from this treatment and I had to get up and dance with Cinderella and she was screwing my back. ‘

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Revealing that she missed some of the highlights of the trip, she said: ‘I had to spend the whole night in a cold bath while the guys were out in Paris and that’s when the physical symptoms started.’

“It didn’t occur to me that it might have something to do with my mental health, I thought it would just be a feeling, not a physical thing.”

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