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A rookie NYPD cop who made headlines after giving a married lieutenant a lap dance at a Christmas party offered a tearful apology to the man’s wife.Vera Mekuli, 26, apologized to Melissa McGarry after giving her husband, Lt. Nick McGarry, a lap dance at Rory Dolan’s bar in Yonkers on December 15.

Mekuli also clearly stated that she has been working from her home since the story emerged, and she angrily recounted how she felt “judged” by the incident, which she says has been driven by misogyny.

“I want to apologize tto the lieutenant’s wife, you know, I’m sorry, I really am,” she said in a video obtained by TMZ. I hope she did not cause too much damage in her marriage or in her personal life.

“I know it has been difficult,” he continued. “It wasn’t meant to be like this, I really had no knowledge of his marriage.”

“My job myself, my job myself and those who are off duty are two different people.

“There is a lot of judgment and shame that shouldn’t be there, even though there is a lot of support.”

Mekuli also said that the “area mile” that her district patrols was concerned that people would recognize her and say, “Oh that’s the girl, she did the lap dance.”

“My job myself, my job myself and those who are off duty are two different people. I can still patrol and watch the streets like I used to and like anyone can. I feel like I shouldn’t be judged or anything like that for erotic dance off duty, not in uniform. ”

She also claimed that she was judged more harshly because she was a “woman” and “not a man”, and that her status as a “novice” also influenced her. She claimed that if she were a man “it would have been more of a joke and she would have stayed home.”


In another video, the rookie cop turns to face McGarry and straddles the 44th district commander as he grabs her around the waist.

In the video, Mekuli appears carefree as she throws her hands in the air and dances on top of her to cheers from the crowd.Meanwhile, a bystander yelled ‘OMG’ and another appeared to hand the lieutenant a wad of bills.

In a different scene, she rubs a different man, who is bent over and facing the ground.

NYPD chiefs wasted no time disciplining McGarry, who has been with the NYPD since 2010.

He was reportedly reassigned to serve in Transit District 12 in the Bronx after the tacky video surfaced.

An anonymous source told the New York Post that he “knows he screwed up.”

“Playing with your subordinate is a no-no at work,” the source said, adding that the rookie cop “doesn’t know any better because he just got to work.”

Following news of Mekuli’s lascivious encounter with her boss

Following news of Mekuli’s lascivious encounter with her boss, her father said that she had been crying over the ordeal and now plans to sue.

The rookie’s father told the Post on Monday that his daughter told him, ‘Dad, I made a mistake. I am very ashamed of what I did. I embarrassed you and my family.

The father said his daughter is “frustrated” by the incident.

“She cried and cried,” he said. ‘She is young. She doesn’t know how but he’s married, Lieutenant. He should know better.

“I’m going to sue them.”

There was more drama Monday when Melissa McGarry yelled at a New York Post reporter and photographer outside the house in New Windsor, yelling ‘F *** you!’ to them while she was immobilized by her husband.

“It’s not worth it, she gets back in the car” the lieutenant told his wife, furious at him as she continued her spiel.

Melissa McGarry told members of the press: “There are other things to worry about in this world!”

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Vera Mekuli Quick and Facts

  • Vera Mekuli, 26, apologized the the lieutenant’s wife after giving her husband a lap dance, claiming she had ‘no knowledge of your marriage’
  • The rookie cop is now working from home this week after being embarrassed by the onslaught of media attention and and said she feels ‘judged’
  • She also claimed that if she were a ‘man’ ‘it would have been more of a joking matter and remained in-house’ 
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